The safety operation of socio-technical systems such as complex industrial plants is very important for sustainable development of human society. A future socio-technical system such as a nuclear power plant is necessary to design and operate with more consideration of reducing the impact on global environment by symbiotic approaches.

Functional modeling is one of key techniques to express and utilize designer's intentions of artifacts. The information of functional models can be effectively used in the diagnoses and operations of a socio-technical system. The information is also used in designing human-machine interfaces to efficiently interact intelligent systems with human operators.

The safety management is also important for less impact operation on global environment. The human performance in an abnormal situation has been paid attention to ensure the safe operation of various industrial systems in the studies of human reliability analyses and resilience engineering.


This international workshop is organized to provide a forum to share problems, to exchange research results and to discuss future directions of functional modeling and safety related issues of socio-technical systems. 


The topics supposed in this workshop are

   - foundation of functional modeling,

   - applications of functional modeling to diagnosis and design,

   - human reliability analysis,

   - resilience engineering,

   - research for international standards, and

   - symbiotic approach of socio-technical systems.

Created on 2023.11.7
Last updated: 2024.1.29
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