Okayama Prefectural University

Okayama Prefectural University is a public University founded by Okayama prefecture. The University is placed in "Kibi-ji" area (an area from fifth century) and was established in 1993. There are three faculties of Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, and Faculty of Design and three graduate schools corresponding to the three faculties.

The University is located around 15 km west of the central area of Okayama city. The access of the campus is only 5-minute walk from JR Hattori station in the local line called "Momotaro line" connecting between JR Okayama and Soja stations. The Hattori station is reached around 30 minutes from Okayama station and 10 minutes from Soja station by a local train.

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